Benefits of Using an HVAC Contractor Maintenance Club

When you have an HVAC system in your home, you may be able to join a maintenance club. These clubs, or annual service memberships, are known by different names at each company that offers them. The basic premise behind them is still the same. Instead of paying per maintenance call, you pay for the year of services. If you aren't sure how this will benefit you, consider these following key points.

Discounts on Services

There are several services that are not maintenance related, but may be useful to you during the course of a year. For example, if you have an emergency after normal business hours, an after-hours call can be expensive. If you join a yearly maintenance club, you will likely receive a lower or discounted flat rate for this service.

Other discounts may apply to certain fees that are associated with various services. These fees may include a diagnostic fee, consultation fee or fees for small repairs. These discounts will be listed on the maintenance club agreement papers and can be requested in an itemized list format for your knowledge and records.

Reduced Maintenance Time

When you use a normal HVAC maintenance checklist, you need to consider the time it takes to work through that checklist. You also should consider that you have to handle this checklist each season. If you have a busy life with tight schedules and appointment lists, you may not remember to perform your HVAC maintenance.

When you join a maintenance club through your HVAC contractor, you reduce the time that you and your family spend tackling the maintenance of your system. Certain things, like air filters, you can still do on your own. However, bigger issues can now be handled at a scheduled appointment by a professional.

Reduced Chance of Missing an Issue

Some HVAC owners could easily overlook an issue that could turn into a costly repair. You may not notice the issue during your routine tasks of replacing air filters or cleaning the vents. A reliable technician who is certified, has experience, and can work on a variety of makes and models of systems would notice these issues.

When you join a maintenance club that has this type of technician guarantee, you can reduce the chances of missing an issue. This will also help reduce the chances of having to pay for costly repairs, unexpected problems or for water and wood damage that could occur from HVAC issues.

Priority on Service Calls

You may have already considered the benefits of budgeting and catching issues that you would not normally catch on your own. What you may not have considered is the wait time or scheduling time when you need an HVAC service call. If you are part of a maintenance club, you will receive priority on a service call list.

For example, if you are not part of the HVAC company’s maintenance club, you may have to wait until a slot opens for your service call. This could take several hours or even a day or more depending on the availability of technicians. In an emergency, this wait could be difficult for you and your family. If you are part of the maintenance club, you move up on the list and your wait time is significantly decreased.

These are just a few of the benefits that joining a maintenance club can give you. If you think this may be an ideal option to make sure you stay up to date on your maintenance schedule and avoid costly issues and repairs, contact Airtime Heating and Cooling and ask about our Air Time Club.