Managing a rental home is something that you may love doing, but you may also understand that there are challenging situations that come with this responsibility. For instance, it may not be easy to attract tenants or motivate people to put in an application due to competition. You will want to take every step possible to make sure your rental home is impressive. 

Since the Las Vegas area stays rather warm for many months out of the year, you can use this to your advantage by making sure you provide all tenants with a great air conditioning system. This means you will need to plan strategically for AC services throughout the years to satisfy your tenants. 

Optimize Energy Costs for Tenants

Taking care of the home that you live in is easy because you can check the air conditioning system by looking around inside and checking the outside parts. However, it is not realistic to head to your rental home to start inspecting the property to determine the AC system's condition. You will benefit most from getting AC service every year, even if you have tenants living in the rental. 

A simple task such as cleaning the AC coils can lead to optimized energy efficiency. If the tenant is paying the electrical bill, they will appreciate a landlord that saves them money. In addition, this service will prevent the costs from going up, which would be noticeable over time. If you shoulder the electrical bill, then a clean AC unit will minimize energy costs and maximize your profits. 

Provide Ice-Cold Air Conditioning

Without routine service, your air conditioning system may not work as well. You do not want your tenants to feel uncomfortable at any time in the rental home, especially during the summer. While the tenant may never turn down the thermostat to an extra cold temperature, they should at least have the option to get ice cold airflow coming from the A/C system. 

For example, a tenant may come home after working long hours in the hot weather, and being able to turn the AC to an ice-cold setting can give them instant relief. A properly functioning AC is one perk you can mention when trying to convince a tenant to sign another lease instead of looking for a new place to live. 

Avoid Problems During Leases

When you have tenants with an active lease, you do not want them to have any problems. While emergencies are sometimes avoidable, even when you take preventive measures, you can avoid most issues through regular service. Since you will likely get the AC system looked at during a vacancy, you can get into the routine of servicing the air conditioning system at every lease renewal. 

If you do need to service the home, you have the option of speaking with the tenant to find a date that works for them or giving them a 24-hour notice before entering the property. 

Impress at Rental Showings

During a vacancy, you will want to rent out the property quickly. This does not mean that you should reduce your standards when it comes to background checks and income requirements. A better method is to do your best to impress people who look at the rental home in person. 

The Department of Energy recommends temperatures for certain activities. Setting the thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit will make the house comfortable. You can also show possible renters that the home can get down to 68 degrees, which is ideal for sleeping. When you use the AC to demonstrate how comfortable the potential renters could be, they will feel confident in your property and ability as a landlord. 

Whether you need your air conditioning system serviced during a vacancy or you want to start routine upkeep while a tenant lives in your rental home, contact us at Airtime Heating & Cooling today.